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Renewables are the solution to the energy crisis

Expensive and unreliable coal and gas plants are driving up our power bills – increasing cost of living pressures for Queensland homes and businesses. The quickest and cheapest way to increase Australia’s supply of affordable energy is to replace fossil fuels with renewables backed by storage.

Join us to call on the Queensland Government to turbocharge the rollout of cheap renewable energy and help more Queenslanders—including renters and social housing tenants—access cost-cutting solar to provide much-needed bill relief. Sign the petition today.

Not in Queensland? Join the call for cheap clean energy for all Australians by signing the national petition here.

Will you sign?

We’re calling on the Queensland Government to act now to support cheaper power bills by:

  • Helping renters and social housing tenants access the benefits of cheap solar energy.

  • Ensuring 6,000 MW of new renewable energy and 1,000 MW of storage comes online by 2025.

  • Mapping a pathway for Queensland to become at least 100% renewable by 2030.

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