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100% Renewables Presentation Resources

Dear volunteer leaders,

Thank you for coming onboard this 100% Renewables journey with us, and thank you for being willing to champion 100% renewables and the Homegrown Power Plan (HPP) by communicating it to your community.

This page contains resources you can use to learn and deliver a compelling presentation in your community about the HPP and the importance of 100% renewables by 2030.

Over the past several months:

  • We developed the Homegrown Power Plan -- a comprehensive policy roadmap, created by the brightest minds in the business, showing how we can upgrade Australia to 100% renewable electricity by 2030.
  • We developed and refined a powerful presentation to communicate the HPP and the importance of 100% renewables.
  • We organised a roadshow with a series of six large forums in key towns and cities, where we presented the presentation to communities and politicians.

We now need to scale it up and take the presentation even further. To multiply its reach and impact we need many people giving many presentations in their communities and around Australia. We also need to engage with community leaders and politicians to get them onboard.

Presentation Resources:

We've prepared the following resources to help you deliver the presentation:

Example Presentations:

For examples of people giving the presentation you can watch this video of Nicky Ison at the Northern Rivers 100% Renewables Forum and/or this video of Claire O'Rourke at the Parramatta 100% Renewables Forum.


Here are some tips based on our own experience doing this presentation:

  • The script is quite long, and the challenge is to deliver it within 20 minutes, which is about the limit of people's attention spans. To achieve this we recommend that you speak clearly but quite quickly (you'll be surprised at how easily people can keep up),  and that you don't add to the script or extensively ad lib (what's there has been put there intentionally and refined based on public feedback and help from the experts).
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. It's okay to do the presentation while reading from the script, but it's crucial that you rehearse multiple times before presenting to the public. Our most experienced staff members wish they'd rehearsed more before their first attempt at doing the presentation at an event.
  • Time yourself during a rehearsal, and see if you can get it within 20 minutes. Seriously, you can give a very engaging presentation while still talking quite quickly.
  • Rehearse in front of trusted friends and get their feedback on your presentation style. Some things to think about include standing still instead of walking around or rocking back and forth, making some eye contact with the audience, talking with natural but energetic intonation, and making sure you're displaying the correct slide at the correct time.

Feel free to send us any questions you have. Good luck, and let us know how you go!