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Future Fuels Strategy Submissions

The Federal Government has no real plan to tackle rising transport emissions. 

After two years of promising a national electric vehicle (EV) roadmap, the Federal Government has finally released the Future Fuels Strategy: a 'do-nothing document' that will do little to make EVs more affordable or get polluting cars off the road. 

Can you make a submission on the Future Fuels Strategy discussion paper and call on the Government to take the handbrake off cleaner transport?

Use the form below to make your submission. Here are some suggested talking points:

  • Australia is lagging on electric vehicle uptake: 20% of Australia's emissions come from transport, but less than 1% of new cars sold in Australia last year were electric. 
  • The Federal Government's Future Fuels Strategy falls well short of what's needed to drive electric vehicle uptake and tackle rising transport emissions. 
  • The Strategy should include subsidies to lower the upfront costs of electric vehicles, a national EV target and plan to phase out fossil fuel vehicles, and fuel emissions standards to encourage the switch to lower emissions vehicles. 
  • If Australia continues to fall behind the rest of the world on electric vehicles, we risk becoming a dumping ground for costly polluting cars that no longer have a market in countries with rapid EV uptake. 

**Submissions via Solar Citizens have now closed. Submissions via the Future Fuels Strategy consultation hub on the industry.gov.au website close 02/04/21.**