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Help power a renewable energy future for Australia

Australia's renewable energy future is being held hostage by a small group of Coalition backbenchers who are trying to hijack clean energy policy to publicly fund dirty, expensive and outdated coal generation. Our Prime Minister, who once championed a net zero-emissions future, is completely hamstrung by the radical fringe of his party room. 

These politicians are out of touch with the 5 million Australians who live under a solar roof and the millions more who overwhelmingly support a renewable energy future. They're also out of touch with the experts who are lining up to tell us that a renewable energy future is the answer -- it's reliable, cheap and most importantly, it's clean. 

Will you power the fight for a renewable energy future by making a tax deductible donation to Solar Citizens' End of Financial Year Appeal?

Every single win we've had for solar was made possible by donations from supporters like you. Your donation will power our campaign by funding volunteer trainings, outreach materials, community stalls, public events, lobby days, research for groundbreaking reports and much much more.

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