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As one of your constituents, I support a 100% renewable future for our state because it means clean, cheap power and jobs in new industries. 

This election, I’m asking you to commit to the following policies outlined in Solar Citizens’ policy blueprint Repowering South Australia:

  1. Making South Australia a renewable energy superpower by setting a 100% renewable energy target by 2025 and making a plan to export a further 50% outside of the state through technologies such as hydrogen.
  2. Supporting low-income households by establishing a publicly-owned non-profit retailer to secure cheap, renewable power.
  3. Boosting local manufacturing by establishing renewable energy industry precincts in locations where renewable energy hotspots meet energy-intensive industry.
  4. Working with Aboriginal communities to design a well-funded Indigenous Communities Clean Power Program.
  5. Giving communities back power by establishing regional community energy hubs that increase community benefit from renewable projects.

You can read the full report here.

All South Australians deserve cheap, clean, reliable electricity and renewable energy can deliver on all three fronts. I ask that you support a South Australia powered by the sun, wind and waves plus storage by adopting the above policies.

Where you stand on powering our state with renewable energy will be key in determining my vote this election.