Help Edwin Humpphries get to Solar Supercharge!

Help me get to Solar Supercharge!

Can you chip in to get Edwin Humpphries to Solar Supercharge?


About Edwin

I am a long-time environmental, climate change and renewable energy campaigner, with a background in science and industry. I have been running a computer repair business in a small rural town for some time, and for the past 12 months, but that industry is waning in the face of "throw-away" computers. Some time ago, I did some R&D work for the University of Wollongong Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry, developing an automatic cleaning system for sunphotometers: instruments that measure solar irradiance, and are significantly affected by airborne dirt.

Why I want to go to Solar Supercharge

I want to go to Solar Supercharge to seek industry and community support for the automatic solar panel cleaning system we're developing, which promises to significantly increase the efficiency of many solar installations, including household and small rural arrays. We have a prototype, and the basic concept is proven, but we lack funds to complete the development and bring the product to market.


Solar Supercharge is a three-day national action summit for clean energy, held on 13-15 February in Brisbane - Read more at donation you make will go towards helping cover my costs of getting to Solar Supercharge, with any leftover going towards scholarships for other people to attend.



GOAL: $400.00

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