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Donate to our Affordable Electric Vehicle Campaign

Australia must catch up to the rest of the world on electric vehicles (EVs) so we can reduce our transport emissions and enable Australian households to save on high fuel costs. 

The Federal Government has committed to introducing a mandatory Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES), but this policy is yet to materialise. The FES sets an average carbon emissions target for all new vehicles that car makers sell each year. 85% of the world's car markets already have a Standard, so Australia will continue to be a dumping ground for inefficient, polluting vehicles without this policy. 

Introducing a FES will give consumers more choices of efficient vehicles that are cheaper to run - like the new affordable EVs that are beginning to hit Australia's shores - saving Australians billions in fuel costs. 

We want our elected representatives to understand the benefits of affordable EVs, and the importance of introducing a FES. We can't keep waiting for this policy. 

Can you donate to our affordable EV campaign, so we can show Members of Parliament first-hand the benefits and cost savings of electric vehicles?

Your donation will support us to meet with MPs and offer them a ride in an affordable EV, so we can encourage our parliamentarians to introduce a Fuel Efficiency Standard as soon as possible. 



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