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Will you take the next step? We need to take urgent action to stop the Federal Government from forcing ARENA to invest in expensive and polluting fossil fuels. This is an alarming overhaul of Australia’s pivotal clean energy agency that will open the door to risky projects like fossil fuel hydrogen and unproven carbon capture and storage, which could even prolong the life of gas and coal-fired power stations.

We can't let this happen – clean energy funds need to stay clean to keep Australia's renewable energy future on track. Please donate today to power the community campaign to keep clean energy funds clean.

We've already achieved so much but now it's critical we take the campaign to the next level. In the coming weeks we must hold our politicians to account every step of the way. Angus Taylor's plan will be challenged in parliament and this is where we have a real opportunity to block this madness in its tracks.

Donate to protect ARENA from fossil fuels

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