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Call Your Energy Minister to Stop the Sun Tax

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has ruled that solar households can now be charged for exporting their cheap, clean energy to the grid. The good news is State Energy Ministers have the power to intervene, but they won't stop it unless there's a strong opposition from the community. It's critical that they hear from you.

Use the form below to find your Energy Minister's number and let us know how the call went. 

You'll most likely to talk to a staffer. Remember to be polite and let them know you'd like to pass on a message for your Energy Minister. 

Here are some suggested talking points for your call:

  • Ask your Energy Minister to use their power to intervene on the solar export charges. 
  • Solar owners should be rewarded for providing cheap clean energy for everyone that lowers power prices and cuts emissions, especially as feed-in tariffs are dropping.
  • It is unfair to charge solar homes and businesses when big coal and gas generators don't have to pay for pumping electricity into the network. 
  • Governments should invest in household and community batteries and help make electric vehicles more affordable to solve the problem of too much solar in the grid.
  • The rule change will give too much power to network companies and doesn't include protections to stop solar owners being ripped off. 

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