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How Australian drivers can save $11 billion

28 March 2023: How Australian drivers can save $11 billion

Australian drivers can save a combined $11.2 billion over five years if the Federal Government brings in a Fuel Efficiency Standard that matches Europe, a new analysis from Solar Citizens has revealed.

Senator David Pocock is launching Solar Citizens’ ‘Recharging Australia’ analysis today at Parliament House, alongside the Solar Citizens ‘Electric Ute Roadshow’ Parliament house stopover, where the ute will be on display and take members of parliament for rides.

The ‘Recharging Australia’ analysis, based on Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, found:

  • A Fuel Efficiency Standard aligned with the European Union would save Australian motorists at least $11.2 billion over five years in reduced fuel costs 
  • Regional Australians would save a combined $4 billion over five years 
  • The number of electric vehicles in Australia would boom from nearly 40,000 in 2022 to more than 900,000 in the first five years of the Fuel Efficiency Standard.
  • Standards that are aligned with other trading partners could be considered too, with the United States representing the bare minimum, and New Zealand reflecting a similar ambition

Solar Citizens Clean Transport Campaigner Ajaya Haikerwal said the fuel savings would be welcome news for all Australians during the current cost of living crisis.

“With Australians facing high interest rates, high fuel prices and energy bills, saving at least $11.2 billion over five years and $52 billion over ten years would be welcome news for Australian families,” said Haikerwal.

“More than three million Australian homes and businesses now reap the rewards of cheap solar energy. The perfect way to slash petrol bills is to combine rooftop solar with electric vehicles – you can charge your car virtually for free.

"But we need to fix Fuel Efficiency Standards to unlock these savings for Australian motorists. We’re a long way behind the rest of the world, and car makers exploit this fact and send us their most polluting and least efficient cars. 

"Fixing Fuel Efficiency Standards would see car makers send us more efficient petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles – and Australians could choose vehicles that are cheaper to run and pollute less. 

"The $11 billion that Australian motorists can save on fuel in the next five years could instead create local jobs by being spent in local communities, as well as on paying off home loans. We need Standards that come into effect in the next 12 months and not waste time with dodgy super credit schemes.”

Senator David Pocock launched the ‘Recharging Australia’ report in Canberra this morning, saying it highlighted the opportunity for Australia and its motorists.

“It is a privilege to launch Solar Citizens’ Recharging Australia analysis, and to be a part of their Electric Ute Roadshow.

“Their analysis underlines the opportunity offered by the adoption of Fuel Efficiency Standards that are strong and have integrity.

“Australians want electric cars and electric utes in cities, in regional areas, and in rural and remote parts of the country. It’s on us as politicians to make sure that Australians have access to affordable vehicles that will save them money and help our climate.

“I congratulate Solar Citizens on the ‘Recharging Australia’ analysis, which shows just how important it is to push the government to move swiftly on this reform.”

Solar Citizens' regional Electric Ute Roadshow is touring the first commercially available electric ute, the LDV eT60, around regional Australia. 

“Our electric ute is the first of its kind, but we’re not going to have access to the variety of cars and utes that exist overseas, such as the Ford F150 Lightning—the type of car that regional Australians are screaming out for—if we don’t fix Fuel Efficiency Standards ASAP,” said Haikerwal.

Download the Recharging Australia report here 




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The Electric Ute Roadshow aims to highlight how sensible transport policies like Fuel Efficiency Standards will give people the choice of more efficient, affordable and diverse vehicles that are suitable for the regions – including the much-loved Aussie tradition of utes.

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