AEMC submission - Solar Citizens

Have your say on a new rule that will benefit all Australian energy consumers

**Submissions have now closed**

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is seeking submissions on a new rule that will help solar owners regain control of their energy bills - it's called the Demand Management Incentive Scheme Rule Change.

Under the current AEMC rules solar owners are hit with ever-growing fixed charges. Under the new proposed rule, when you reduce your energy usage, your bills go down accordingly. It's just common sense. 

The new rule works by rewarding power companies for encouraging customers to save energy. This provides incentives for power companies to support the installation of more solar with storage, helping to lower energy bills. In fact, according to AEMC research, household bills would be reduced by $120 to $500 a year. 

If the new rule is rejected there will be fewer and fewer reasons for Australians to go solar; current solar owners will continue to be hit with discriminatory charges and all Australian energy consumers will face rising fixed costs. Read this article from The Conversation for more information.

Can you help make sure this new rule is adopted? Here's some tips for making your submission: 

  • Urge the AEMC to accept the Demand Management Incentive Scheme Rule Change because it will make our energy market fairer for consumers.
  • Tell the AEMC how important it is for power companies to help people go solar. 
  • If you've taken steps to reduce your energy usage with solar or efficiency measures, let the AEMC know.
  • Tell the AEMC how rising power bills and fixed charges have affected you and your family.
  • Let the AEMC know how saving $120 to $500 a year on household power bills would make a difference for you.


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