Yet another solar policy step with no plan, and little thought - Solar Citizens

Yet another solar policy step with no plan, and little thought

Planned moves by the Queensland Government on solar, battery storage and feed-in tariffs (FiT) will limit battery uptake and yet again tamper with the growth of this vital industry according to Solar Citizens.

The proposal indicates an intention to restrict solar owners who are part of the Solar Bonus Scheme from installing batteries. If solar owners do choose to install a battery they will lose their premium feed-in tariff.

“This move puts solar owners between a rock and a hard place if they want to add storage to their solar system,” said Shani Tager, Senior Solar Campaigner, Solar Citizens.

“At this point in the debate about Australia’s energy future, curbing the uptake of proven technology in the sunniest State in the country is just bizarre.

“Seriously, governments of all political persuasions may want to actually start to consult with industry and solar voters, think about what is best for consumers and ponder a little on the consequences and impacts of proposals like this.

“The proposal indicates that If they do move to add battery storage, they’ll get kicked off the solar bonus scheme and be forced to deal with big energy companies that don’t have to pay them anything for the solar they export back to the grid,” said Tager.

“If this move was introduced with a fair price for solar, a mandated minimum feed in tariff, then we’d support it but as is, it will limit battery uptake.

“Batteries are an important part of the energy mix going forward and moves like this without a fair price of solar will slow the growth of this industry.

“The Queensland government wants 1 million solar households - they’ve got a long way to go to get there.

“Instead of taking this opportunity to show leadership in putting policies forward that support solar households, they’re making it harder for people to do the right thing and put storage in with their solar,” said Tager.

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