Who is a Solar Citizen - Solar Citizens

Who is a Solar Citizen

For most Australians using power of the sun to generate energy just makes sense.

A Solar Citizen is any Australian who supports the use of solar power - either installing it themselves or working to see great use of solar in their community.

Solar Citizens include:

  • The 2.5 million people who live in one of Australia's one million homes that have solar panels on the roof
  • The 1.5 million people who live in one of the 600,000+ homes with solar hot water
  • The 15,500 people who work in the solar industry helping Aussie households install solar
  • Any one who would one day like to have solar on their roof  
  • Any one starting up or investing in a community owned solar project
  • Any one who thinks putting a panel on every Australian rooftop just makes sense

While some would like to see control of energy generation be kept in the hands of a few big power companies, if Solar Citizens work together we can ensure that all Australians have the ability to access clean, safe, affordable power.

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