WA Government signals unfair attack on solar homes - Solar Citizens

WA Government signals unfair attack on solar homes

Media reports today that WA Energy Minister Mike Nahan plans to charge solar householders higher fixed network charges are nothing but a discriminatory attack on solar households, according to Solar Citizens.

“Minister Nahan has unfairly blamed the state’s solar households for rising energy prices – he should immediately apologise and rule out any plans to slug them more for network charges,” Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke said.

“The Minister is playing politics with households who have proved they can lower their electricity costs and produce clean energy with rooftop solar,” she said.

Reports today said the WA government was proposing to increase charges for all electricity users, but the effect of proposed changes could see solar households paying more.

“There are close to 175,000 homes with rooftop solar power installed in Western Australia - these proposed charges are a blatant attempt to raise revenue from the very people who have made the sensible choice to reduce their electricity demand,” Ms O’Rourke said.

"Similar discriminatory charges were considered by the Newman government in Queensland in 2013, and they experienced a significant voter backlash. 

“Governments who genuinely care about rising power prices should congratulate consumers who install solar power, not wage unfair attacks on families who are taking active steps to manage their household budget.

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