Victorian Opposition bizarrely moves to block a fair price for solar - Solar Citizens

Victorian Opposition bizarrely moves to block a fair price for solar

A recent victory for solar owners in the campaign to receive a fair price for the clean, efficient electricity they produce in the state of Victoria is under immediate threat with the Victorian Liberal Party threatening to block legislation by the Victorian Government in the Parliament today.

The Victorian Government recently announced significant improvements to the way rooftop solar and other ‘distributed renewable energy’ is valued by flagging changes that recognise and reward the environmental benefits of rooftop solar and the time of day when rooftop solar is produced.

"This is a first for Australia and last month we stated that we believed the Victorian Government was leading the world with this announcement to better value the benefits of rooftop solar, also know as distributed renewable energy,” Claire O’Rourke, National Director for Solar Citizens said.

“These changes, if successful, would ultimately lead to solar owners receiving a fairer return from the clean, efficient electricity they provide to the grid. Greater reform like these will ensure that all Victorian electricity consumers are better off.

“Independent research shows that the increase of renewable energy including rooftop solar pv has reduced the price of electricity for all consumers”1

“Reports that the Victorian Opposition is trying to block legislation to increase the minimum fair price for solar are unfortunate and if true, display a profound lack of understanding about energy markets and electricity prices,” said O’Rourke.

“The Victorian Government should be applauded for firstly undertaking this rigorous analysis of the ‘true’ value of rooftop solar and now acting to ensure this value is promptly, and properly, realised.

“If the Victorian Liberal Party want to see the market operate as it should, fairly, and on a level playing field basis then they would support this legislation.

“Household rooftop solar offers incredible benefits to our electricity grid - providing cheaper, cleaner, more efficient energy during times when demand - and costs - are greater.

“Coupled with battery storage, rooftop solar also has the potential to provide a more robust, decentralised electricity supply. Until now, these values have not been realised,” she said.

“We hope that the Opposition revise their stated position - we sincerely hope they are not blocking for the sake of politics, all at the expense of Victorian consumers,” said O’Rourke.

1. See Dylan McConnell, Melbourne Energy Instittue, Paper on the Merit Order Effect: