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Victoria Charges Up with Key Storage Target

27 September 2022: Victoria Charges Up with Key Storage Target

Solar Citizens today welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement of a State-wide Renewable Energy Storage Target and calls for a similar federal policy.

Victoria has pledged to reach 2.6 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy storage capacity by 2030, with an increased target of 6.3 GW of storage by 2035, which the Victorian Premier’s office announced is “enough renewable energy to power aroundhalf of Victoria's current homes at their peak energy use”.

“Adopting a Renewable Energy Storage Target is a smart move by the Victorian Government. More storage means we can capture and utilise cheap renewable energy around the clock while maintaining grid reliability,” said Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director of Solar Citizens.

“Australia is at an energy crossroads. We can create a fairer, cheaper energy system now for current and future generations, which is why we are now calling on the Federal Government to also invest in more clean energy storage.

“Right across the country, we urgently need to bring online much more storage, including household and large-scale batteries and pumped hydro plants, to bring down power prices and prepare the grid for early coal closures.

“It’s been made clear by the Australian Energy Market Operator that it’s likely that 60 per cent of Australia’s coal-fired power stations will close by 2030. We need to significantly increase the rollout of energy storage to support this shift. 

“If we manage the transformation of our grid well it will mean cheaper, cleaner electricity and more households taking the power back from big energy companies by having access to solar and household storage.

“The Victorian Government has already shown a significant amount of clean energy leadership with their Solar Homes Program. Solar homes in the state can already access battery rebates of up to $2,950.

“We’d like to see the Australian Government match Victoria’s leadership by implementing a federal Renewable Energy Storage Target that includes support for Australia’s millions of solar owners to install a battery and store their own cheap solar energy, enabling Aussie’s to utilise our great sun-power in the evenings. This will also encourage more householders to take up solar ownership”.


For more information contact: Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director Solar Citizens: 0401 092 570