Turnbull Government lost in the dark on energy policy - Solar Citizens

Turnbull Government lost in the dark on energy policy

The Turnbull Government abandoning a renewable energy policy is deeply concerning and means states will have to fill the leadership vacuum for new, cheap and clean renewables with storage says Solar Citizens.

“Australians want policies that deliver clean, renewable and affordable energy and the Federal Government is failing to deliver,” said Maria Cirillo, Acting National Director of Solar Citizens.

“Walking away from a national plan for clean, renewable energy will mean that some Australians will suffer Summer more harshly than others, it will push up power prices and it will be bad news for clean energy jobs in regional communities,

“The Turnbull Government is more interested in playing politics when what we need Is more renewables and more storage.

“Over  1.7million Australian households and businesses with solar on their roof know that more investment in renewables is the key to more affordable, accessible power.

Analysis commissioned by Solar Citizens shows that in one year, rooftop solar in NSW cut $2.2 to $3.3 billion off the wholesale price of electricity, saving all energy consumers money.

“Solar and wind with storage is the cheapest form of new electricity generation, the Turnbull Government needs to stop propping up old, polluting sources of energy.

“State and Territory Governments are stepping up and getting on with the job but we still need a national plan that gets us to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible,” said Ms Cirillo.

The National Energy Guarantee could lead to 28-36% renewables by 2030. Solar Citizens with GetUp! jointly commissioned the Homegrown Power Plan which puts forward policies to transition Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030.