Help Trudy Madeley get to Solar Supercharge!

Help me get to Solar Supercharge!

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About Trudy Madeley


I am a single mother running my own solar panel cleaning business for a few years. I became interested in soar due to the rising
costs of my own electricity bills and my inability to be able to continue to pay them. I was fortunate enough to be able to instill solar panels and that gave me the freedom to  be able to stay in my home. When I installed panels and realised they needed cleaning there was no one doing it, so I started my own business to fufill that niche. 





Why I want to go to Solar Supercharge

I have since become extremely passionate about solar and wish to continue my journey learning about the solar industry and the new developments. Attending the supercharge will enable me to not only be able to educate my customers in regard to updating them with information but the ability to ask questions on their behalf. I am passionate about making solar affordable to low income and that is the role I recently undertook when meeting my local member of parliament with other solar citizens.



Solar Supercharge is a three-day national action summit for clean energy, held on 13-15 February in Brisbane - Read more at donation you make will go towards helping cover my costs of getting to Solar Supercharge, with any leftover going towards scholarships for other people to attend.



GOAL: $400.00

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