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Townsville, Toowoomba Among Regions Getting New Battery Storage

25 March 2021: Townsville, Toowoomba Among Regions Getting New Battery Storage

Solar Citizens today celebrates the Queensland Government’s announcement that five grid-connected batteries will be installed in a trial in locations across the state. 

“Adding more battery storage to the network is a smart move by the Queensland Government because it means we can soak up extra renewable energy, particularly solar, when it’s abundant and then utilise that energy when we need it,” said Solar Citizens’ National Director Ellen Roberts.

“The spectacular growth of rooftop solar and large-scale solar and wind projects means we need more storage coming online so we can use this cheap energy around the clock.

“Battery storage can react to grid disturbances with lightning speed and provide valuable network services as we see the uptake of renewables grow and grow.

“Queenslanders are world leaders in rooftop solar because producing your own cheap and clean energy in this climate is a no-brainer.”

This announcement comes as the Australian Energy Market Commission today released a draft determination recommending that networks be allowed to charge rooftop solar owners for exporting clean electricity to the grid. Solar Citizens does not support this proposed sun tax.

“As we transition our energy system and clean up our power supply, we need to be encouraging more rooftop solar – not penalising people for putting panels on their roof,” said Ms Roberts.

“Rolling out battery storage is one of the key things that state governments can do to assist with network issues and ensure that more households can take advantage of the solar savings.

“Rooftop solar benefits all energy consumers by providing cheap power to the grid for everyone to use.

“The Queensland and Victorian Governments have already publicly stated their opposition to the sun tax, but now we urgently need all of our State Energy Ministers to step up and protect solar owners from this discriminatory charge.”

The trial locations are as follows:

Black River Substation – Townsville

Tanby Substation – Yeppoon

Bargara Substation – Bundaberg

Torquay Substation – Hervey Bay

Torrington Substation – Toowoomba


Media contact: Ellen Roberts
0408 583 694