Townsville locals step up to champion solar and renewables - Solar Citizens

Townsville locals step up to champion solar and renewables

A committed group of community members from Townsville and surrounds will gather tomorrow to discuss how the renewable energy transition can benefit communities in North Queensland, and how they can be a local voice for solar and renewables.

This workshop will be held on July 13 at James Cook University Bebegu Yumba campus and is hosted by North Queensland Conservation Council, Solar Citizens, Friends of the Earth Melbourne, and The Climate Reality Project Australia and Pacific.

Big decisions are being made about the future of renewables and energy in Townsville and Queensland, making now a critical time for political leaders to hear and act on the views of people and communities.

North Queensland Conservation Council Coordinator Crystal Falknau said, “I’ve been involved in the conservation movement in Townsville since moving to North Queensland from the Darling Downs in 2016.

“After years of advocacy from organisations like NQCC, North Queensland is seeing some real investment in renewable energy, which we believe is the energy of the future.

“There’s a lot to learn and I’m excited to share my knowledge with people in my community, helping locals to better understand the challenges, benefits and necessity of this energy transition.

“The more local energy champions we have, the better equipped we'll be to actively work towards a renewable-powered future for our region and fight back against misinformation.”

Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “Queenslanders lead the world in household solar uptake and now Townsville has been selected as the site of one of Queensland’s first  Local Renewable Energy Zones.

“The pilot project will harness solar energy generated by the community and allow it to be shared across residential and commercial sites, and the wider energy network. This will mean more local residents can access the cheapest form of energy, rooftop solar, and will bring down bills for everyone.”

Friends of the Earth Melbourne, Yes 2 Renewables Collective Organiser, Kieran Pradeep said, “We all deserve an energy system that works for people and planet. That’s why it’s exciting to see community leaders stepping up to accelerate a people-powered renewables rollout.”

The Climate Reality Project Australia & Pacific Manager Imogen Butler said, “Communities know best how renewable energy projects can benefit their lives and cities, and we all have so much to learn from one another. I’m excited to meet with Energy Champions from Townsville, as we share and explore the boundless opportunities renewables present people and the places they call home.”