Tesla Tiny House Tour

We're hitching a ride with Tesla...

Tesla are touring regional Australia to showcase their Tesla Tiny House - a mobile home powered by solar panels and the Powerwall 2 battery. They will be transporting the Tiny House in a Model X from Victoria to South Australia, up through NSW and all the way to North Queensland. And we're excited because Solar Citizens are hitching a ride along the way!

This tour is big news for solar owners and supporters and is a great opportunity for Solar Citizens to build our network of solar supporters all over our sunny country. We are very excited to be touring with Tesla and the chance to talk to people around Australia about our vision for 100% renewable power by 2030.

Will you join us for the next stop on the tour? You can help us out by volunteering at one of the upcoming events, or RSVP to see the action.

You can also suggest a location for the tour and bring the Tesla Tiny House to your town! 

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