Taylor's technology road map won't fix clean energy investment crash - Solar Citizens

Taylor's technology road map won't fix clean energy investment crash

‘Today’s announcement from Angus Taylor on the technology roadmap should be of concern to everyone who wants to see a speedier transition to clean energy,’ said Ellen Roberts, National Director of Solar Citizens.

‘While Taylor is right to highlight how cheap wind and solar are as sources of generation we need policy settings at Federal level that enable the clean energy sector to continue to grow. The Renewable Energy Target will expire this year, with no policy to replace it.’

‘The Morrison Government’s lack of leadership on clean energy is causing investment in the renewable energy sector to crash. After a record construction boom in the last two years, new renewable energy projects under construction in Queensland this year will crash to zero this year.’

‘Policy certainty means investment certainty, which creates jobs and brings down emissions. Time for the Morrison government to get on with the job. They need to restore funding to ARENA in this years budget and reintroduce targets for renewable energy.’

‘Taylor has said he will not set targets for reducing emissions or increasing the amount of renewable energy in our grid. However it was Howard’s Renewable Energy Target has incentivised new renewable energy investment.’

‘Most concerning is the proposed investment into research in carbon capture and storage. It is not yet clear whether this will be used for fossil fuel projects. Millions of dollars have been wasted on funding research into carbon capture and storage for coal fired power stations, for no results. Let's not see money wasted in this way.’


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