Plan for more renewable energy will bring jobs and energy resilience - Solar Citizens

Plan for more renewable energy will bring jobs and energy resilience

Solar Citizens, the peak group representing 5 million solar owners, welcomes the announcement today from the Labor Opposition leader to build 500MW of clean energy over the next 10 years if elected.

“For too long, Tasmania has relied upon the large hydro-power electricity system to supply its electricity needs. But the energy crisis has revealed the need for Tasmania to invest in more new, renewable clean energy such as rooftop solar”, said Claire O’Rourke, National Director of Solar Citizens.

“There are over 69,000 Tasmanians living in solar-powered houses who know the benefits of solar power better than anyone. After all, they’ve invested their own money in order to reduce their electricity bills, produce clean energy and stimulate local jobs”, said O’Rourke

‘Millions of dollars in taxpayers money has been spent dealing with the impacts of the energy crisis. Investment in renewable energy like solar would help ensure this energy crisis is not repeated”, said O’Rourke

“Solar Citizens calls on the Hodgman Government to support the solar industry in Tasmania and provide a vision for building more renewables”

“Recent research undertaken with the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance has shown that the price for solar in Tasmania is vastly undervalued. Ensuring a fair price for solar exports would help stimulate private investment in rooftop solar, creating jobs and ensuring greater resilience in Tasmania’s energy supply” said O’Rourke.

The report ‘Why is solar power undervalued in Tasmania?’ can be found at:

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