Support a national plan for a renewable future

Support a National Plan for a Renewable Future

As it stands, Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) is biased towards out-of-date coal and the only thing it will guarantee is more dirty, expensive energy for Australians.

Under the NEG, Australia is expected to have less solar and wind power than if we had no national plan at all. Experts are warning that the NEG will limit solar and wind to just 18-24% of energy supply by 2030, a range so low that rooftop solar installation will have to be deliberately slowed to stay within those bounds, even if no new large-scale renewable projects are constructed.

The good news is that for the NEG to be passed it needs the support of both Federal and State MPs, and there are plenty of politicians who have expressed doubts about the plan that will slam the brakes on our renewable future.

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