Stop the spin, get back to bipartisanship on solar and renewables - Solar Citizens

Stop the spin, get back to bipartisanship on solar and renewables

The Federal government’s opening gambit in negotiations on the Renewable Energy Target is little more than the ‘Warburton Report in sheep’s clothing’, according to community solar group Solar Citizens.

Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke said solar owners are reluctant to accept Federal government claims that it can protect residential solar when it was made plain that the government wants to cut to the Target. This would destroy solar and renewables in Australia and drive up electricity prices for all consumers.

“Federal Cabinet only just rejected the biased Warburton review, but the Government’s position this week actually follows much of the report’s key recommendations,” Ms O’Rourke said.

“Despite Federal Government spin, the fact is the Warburton Report is flawed and these attempts to revive the key recommendations in negotiations with Labor is underhanded.

“In the weeks since the release of the Warburton Report there has been a demonstrated groundswell of people with rooftop solar, solar workers and supporters of renewable energy demanding that Australia keeps the Target strong.

“Wholesale cuts to the Target places at least 15,000 jobs in the solar industry at risk and means Australia misses out on the growth and billions in investment that renewables can generate.

“A cut to the Target means locking in energy price rises for Australian households. Even the Warburton Report had to acknowledge that investing in renewable energy would reduce electricity prices in the long-term.

“The question is why the Federal government persists in its unpopular attack on renewable energy – destroying jobs, investment and a guaranteed way of making power cheaper.

“The failure to face the facts on the benefits of solar, the continued push of an agenda that suits big power companies over households and the attempt to cling to the Warburton recommendations has to stop.

“Solar Citizens urges all sides of politics to reject any cut to the Target,” Ms O’Rourke said.

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