Spontaneous voter revolt against government RET threat spooks MPs - Solar Citizens

Spontaneous voter revolt against government RET threat spooks MPs

Spontaneous campaigns have emerged against Coalition Members of Parliament calling on them to abandon plans to cut the Renewable Energy Target, resulting in strong pressure on senior government members and backbenchers alike.

Among these has been the high profile target of Christopher Pyne, who has confirmed his support for keeping the Target at current levels at a meeting with solar business owners.

Claire O’Rourke, Campaigns Director of Solar Citizens, said solar owners and businesses were approaching their local Coalition MPs imploring them to not to cut the RET.

“Some of our members simply decided that the RET was too important to let the government scrap it, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to lobby their local MP.

“The meeting with Mr Pyne is just the most recent example of a grassroots revolt against government plans to slash the Target.

“Solar users, business owners, workers and Australian families want the target kept intact, without cuts.

“After turning out in their hundreds at forums around Australia in June, solar users from around Australia are telling us they are booking meetings with their local MPs to express their support for keeping the Target strong.

“Australians love solar and they want their politicians to hear this message and the Coalition abandon its attempt to cut the Renewable Energy Target.

“The Target helps people go solar and take control of their energy bills. Any attempt cut to the Target amounts to axing it altogether.

“Solar makes sense, and the government needs to understand the depth of public support in favour of the Target.

“Solar Citizens is this week launching an action to mobilise those supporters who are yet to visit their local MP to get involved and show the politicians how much they value solar.

“We had bipartisan support for the Renewable Energy Target for many years, and we are confident that can have that policy certainty once again.

“Solar Citizens joins all Australian solar users and people who want to go solar in hoping that the Coalition comes back to its original position of support for the Target that was originally introduced by John Howard.

“The government is risking investment in the solar industry and solar jobs by with its threats to the Target. But most of all, it is risking a huge backlash from the millions of voters who want go solar.”

Claire O’Rourke is available for comment. For more information contact Holly Crocket on 0413 343 329.