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Solar Supercharge Volunteers

We're looking for people to be event volunteers at Solar Supercharge. If you're keen to help out, apply below by Sunday 7th February. 

Solar Supercharge is going to be an incredible event, bringing together leaders and volunteers from across the clean energy movement for three days of amazing speakers, skills workshops, discussion panels, planning sessions, a political forum and a high-impact public action. But to make it a success we need volunteers who can help out on the day in some key roles.

Being part of the volunteer team helping to pull off such an important event will be an amazing and rewarding experience. Plus, you will be able to attend a lot of the event for free (we can refund you if you've already bought your ticket), and you'll be able to come to the afterparty!

Here's what we need:

  • Logistics Volunteers - to be on the registration and info desk, help set up equipment for the various sessions, and any other logistics tasks required for the smooth running of the summit.
  • Welfare Volunteers - to usher delegates to the various sessions, help get people mingling during breaks, support delegates who require any special assistance, and generally ensure the overall atmosphere of the summit stays high.
  • Small Group Planning Facilitators - to support and help facilitate a small group during planning sessions at the summit.


Event volunteers will also need to be available for a 'Volunteer Briefing' session on Friday 12th February at 6:00pm at QUT, the summit venue. 

If you'd like to be an event volunteer at Solar Supercharge, please apply below by Sunday 7th February.

Thanks for putting your hand up! It's going to be an incredible three days!