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Solar Owner Group Condemns Renewable Energy Target Review Panel

Media Release

17 February 2014

Greg Hunt’s announcement today of a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) sends worrying signals about the government’s commitment to renewable energy, with the chair of the review panel a known sceptic of measures to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, say Solar Citizens, a community voice for solar.

“In today’s announcement, while Minister Hunt and Minister McFarlane assured they are committed to reviewing the costs and benefits of the RET fairly, but the make-up of the panel members tell a different story,” Lindsay Soutar, National Director of Solar Citizens, says.

“Each has a long history in the fossil fuel industry or as an opponent of carbon reduction measures.” 

“Australians loves renewable energy and want to see our targets increased not lowered. This new panel is a worrying development.”

“The most recent review of the target - conducted less than two years ago - found it was working as designed, creating new jobs and new investment and helping millions of Australians take back control of their power bills all with minimal cost.”

“If this review leads to a push from the government to wind back the target there will be significant backlash from the community.”

“The Renewable Energy Target has helped over 1 million Australian families put solar on their roof. Millions more want to follow this path. A strong RET is integral to seeing this happen,” Ms Soutar says.

“The ongoing cycle of review after review is are causing uncertainty and putting jobs and investment at risk. Today’s panel gives no reassurance about the government’s commitment to Australia’s current and future solar owners.”

Solar Citizens will be looking further at whether or not to engage with this review in coming weeks.