Solar Citizens welcomes the Australian Greens policy plan for electric vehicles

Solar Citizens welcomes the Australian Greens policy plan for electric vehicles

18 May, 2016: The Australian Greens policy, announced today, on accelerating the electric vehicle (EV) revolution is a welcome and much needed intervention in this Federal Election, and should be a real national conversation starter according to Claire O’Rourke, National Director of Solar Citizens.

“We are pleased to see the national discussion in this election, we might add on this occasion led by the Greens, moving towards the game changing technology of electric vehicles,” she said.

“EV’s and battery storage are game changing technologies that will put us firmly on the path to 100% clean renewable electricity by 2030.

“Getting the right policy settings in Australia will assist with EV rollout while also preparing for a future where this technology becomes the dominant technology over ‘traditional’ fossil fuel powered transport.

“That future is coming, right around the world, and it is coming fast — and it’s critical that EV’s become everyday vehicles, not get stuck in a niche, luxury vehicle market.” Ms O’Rourke said.

“Setting targets for vehicles on the road, the proposition that the Federal government would cover the costs of state vehicle registration fees for new fully electric vehicles for the first five years, investing in EV charging stations, encouraging fleet uptake at the Government level and for NGO’s are all positive policy interventions.

“We also fully support the idea that the Council of Australian Government's (COAG) should urgently place EV uptake and planning on their standing agenda and aim to develop a policy framework by COAG for EV’s.

“Solar Citizens believes that this would have a significant positive impact on planning at the State and Federal level for the future that is hurtling towards us — a future of our roads buzzing with electric vehicles,” she said.

“Making this transition smooth and in line with the falling costs of EV’s globally obviously requires coherent and smart policy settings.

“So looking at where we are in the election cycle, we can again see the Greens leading the pack, the ALP having a swag of policies that are smart steps in the right direction, and a distinct, and disturbing, lack of policy as yet from the Federal Coalition,” Ms O’Rourke said.

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