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Solar Citizens welcome Senator Lazarus’ continued support for RET

Solar Citizens has welcomed news by Senator Glenn Lazarus that he has reaffirmed his support for a full 41,000 Gwh Renewable Energy Target (RET) 

A statement released by the Senator today confirmed he is strongly opposed to any attempt by the Abbott Government to reduce the RET. Senator Lazarus is also pushing both parties to aim for a higher Target.

“Senator Lazarus clearly understands the many benefits of solar and that Australians want more solar not less," said Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke.

"Senator Lazarus is keeping his promise to protect solar, renewable jobs and investment in Australia. 

“But the Government is breaking its word with their threats to wind back the RET - the result has deeply undermined the renewable energy industry.” 

“The Target is good for all Australians, whether they have rooftop solar or not. 

Cutting the RET will increase the cost of rooftop solar, making it harder for Australian households to take control of their power bills.”  

“In Senator Lazarus’ home state of Queensland alone, more than 400,000 solar households have already saved at least $213.6 million on power bills.

“Recent polling shows that the Target is hugely popular, with 89% of Australians wanting to keep the Target, including 64% of Liberal voters.”

“Australians are relying on Senators like Senator Lazarus to stay strong and save the Target from this deliberate attack from the Abbott Government that has caused enormous levels of harm to the renewable energy sector.” she said.


Claire O’Rourke is available for comment 

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