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Solar Citizens Responds to Sun Tax Scare

15 June 2022: Solar Citizens Responds to Sun Tax Scare

There is no indication that the Queensland Government is considering implementing the sun tax, says community group Solar Citizens.

“When the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) first floated the sun tax, the Queensland Government was one of the first state governments to stand strong for solar households,” said Stephanie Gray, Deputy Director at Solar Citizens.

“Last year the AEMC changed our energy market rules to allow network companies to charge solar owners for feeding energy into the grid at certain times of the day. But there has been no proposal put forward by Queensland state-owned network providers to charge households.

“We applaud the Queensland Government's ongoing support for solar owners and encourage them to take this opportunity to rule out implementing a sun tax in Queensland in the future.

“Queenslanders are quite clean energy achievers and we lead the world in rooftop solar uptake. There are now close to 870,000 Queensland homes and businesses with solar.

“Sky-high coal and gas prices alongside rolling breakdowns at fossil fuel power stations are causing Australia’s energy crisis. The only price relief right now is coming from rooftop solar.

“We encourage the Queensland Government to implement programs to help renters and people living in social housing access cheap solar energy so that everyone can save on their power bills.”


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006