Solar Citizens launches national petition against the sun tax - Solar Citizens

Solar Citizens launches national petition against the sun tax

Media Release

25 October 2013

Today, Solar Citizens, a community campaign advocating for the rights of solar owners and lovers, launched a petition to the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Energy Ministers to tell these politicians - don’t tax the sun!

The petition follows on from a story in Wednesday’s Australian, which leads with: “Solar-powered households face higher fees to use grid” based on a new report by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). The report claims that solar homes are being subsidised by other energy consumers.

“Yet again we see ordinary Australians who have invested hard earned money in going solar being scapegoated,” Lindsay Soutar, National Director of Solar Citizens says.

“It is now widely understood that the main cost driver of energy price rises is over-investment in network poles and wires - not solar.”

“There are 2.5 million Australians who have invested their hard earned money in going solar, to cut power bills and create clean energy.”

“Any moves to tax the sun in the way the AEMC is canvassing would undermine that investment and be met with strong community resistance." Ms Soutar continues.

“It appears that the AEMC could be bowing to big power companies who don't want to see Australians take back power into their own hands. These power companies are crying blue murder over the rise of solar, while barely making a peep about other major drivers of prices increase - in particular the substantial take up of air conditioning.”

“The double standards are amazing.”

“Any consumers concerned about this proposal should sign the petition at:”

Solar Citizens intends to present the petition to our Federal and State Energy Ministers in December to show the force of the sun in our communities. In just under 2 hours, over 1,600 concerned solar owners and lovers had already signed the petition against the sun tax.