Solar boost to cut household energy bills - Solar Citizens

Solar boost to cut household energy bills

9 February, 2019: Solar Citizens today said NSW Labor’s announcement to support 500,000 households to adopt rooftop solar would drive down energy bills for people for whom solar was previously inaccessible.

Solar Citizens Director Joseph Scales said the solar boost was well targeted and would put the power back in the hands of households.

“There are more than 5 million Australians, living in 2 million households with solar panels,” said Mr Scales.

“Rising electricity costs and a desire to take control back from energy retailers is driving significant growth in new solar but some people have been excluded because of inadequate government policy.

“That will change if Labor’s policy becomes a reality and we will be able to tap into the real potential of rooftop solar.

“There is around 15GW of potential rooftop solar capacity on NSW houses – we can massively increase energy supply simply by empowering people to generate their own electricity.”

Mr Scales said there was also now clear evidence that rooftop solar not only drives down power bills for solar-homes, but also cuts the price of power for everyone else.

“An increasing amount of power is exported to the grid by solar households, which is a cheap source of power that can be provided to others.”

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