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ShineHub Stalls

We’ve partnered with ShineHub to build Sydney’s largest virtual power plant and we’ll be at 26 community events right across Sydney to help get people on board. 

These events are a great opportunity for Solar Citizens because:

  • The NSW election is only 6 months away so now is the time to be building our base of supporters so we can have a bigger impact.
  • These events are all over Sydney and will have a very engaged audience who will be interested in the work we do to protect and promote solar in Australia.
  • Right now solar is under attack. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) – which helps more people afford solar – is on the chopping block.

Sign up to help out at one or more of the following events:

  • Penrith - Monday Sept 24th
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events - Melrose Hall, Emu Plains
  • Cherrybrook - Tuesday Sept 25th
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events - Cherrybrook Community Centre – Redgum Hall
  • Randwick - Wednesday Sept 26th
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events - Randwick Community Centre
  • North Ryde - Tuesday Oct 16th
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events -North Ryde School of Arts Community Centre
  • Blacktown - Wednesday Oct 17th
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events - Blacktown – Seven Hills Community Centre
  • Sutherland - Monday Oct 22nd
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events - Sutherland – Miranda Youth Centre
  • Liverpool - Tuesday Oct 23rd
    • 1pm event - Hilda Davies Senior Citizens Centre
    • 6:30pm event – Chipping Norton Community Centre
  • Mona Vale/Terrey Hills - Wednesday Oct 24th
    • 1:30pm event - Mona Vale SLSC
    • 6:30pm event - Terrey Hills Community Centre
  • Linfield - Tuesday Oct 30th
    • 2pm event - Linfield Senior Centre
    • 6:30pm event - Gordon Library
  • Castle Hill - Wednesday Oct 31st
    • 2pm and 6:30pm events - Balcombe Heights Estate – Thompson Hall
September 24, 2018 at 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Community Venues across Sydney
Sydney, NSW
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