Senate Inquiry Submissions - Solar Citizens

Make your submission to the Senate's Inquiry into Electricity Network Companies

Don't miss this gold-plated opportunity to stand up to the big power companies.

The Federal Senate is holding an inquiry into the behaviour of companies that run our electricity network. They are scrutinising companies like Origin, AGL, Energex, Ergon and all the others that hold the power over how we get our power to see if they've been playing fair. You can look at the full terms of reference here

The inquiry wants to hear from ordinary Australians about their experiences dealing with energy companies which they felt were unfair. It’s as simple as telling your story.

Been slugged with unfair or hidden charges for your solar? Forced to pay for connection to the grid you no longer use? Upset with how electricity companies reap massive profits from excessive gold-plating of the electricity grid which we have to pay for?

Write your story in the box below to make sure your voice is heard as part of this timely Inquiry. The deadline for submissions is next Thursday December 18, so don't delay!

(The information in the simple form below is required by the Senate Committee running the Inquiry. Once you fill it in we will lodge your submission for you, along with submissions from Solar Citizens all around the country. A copy of your submission will also be sent to you automatically).


Submissions have now closed.

More than 550 Solar Citizens made a submission. Thank you for making your voices heard! 

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