Celebrity Chef sizzles on electric vehicle-powered cooktop & jump-starts appetite for electric vehicles - Solar Citizens

Celebrity Chef sizzles on electric vehicle-powered cooktop & jump-starts appetite for electric vehicles


The aromatic smells of a cooking demonstration on an electric vehicle-powered cooktop by celebrity chef Alistair McLeod wafted down the main street of Samford yesterday, drawing in a crowd who stayed to explore the smorgasbord of electric vehicles on display, ranging from motorbikes to cars, scooters and bikes. 

The “Electric Vehicle Experience” event was held in Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s electorate by clean energy advocates Solar Citizens, who want to see bi-partisan support for policies that enable more Australians to experience the cost of living and health benefits of electric transport. 

“Hundreds came along to find out more about electric vehicles because right now people from all walks of life are sick of pain at the petrol pump. Running an electric vehicle on sunshine via solar panels on your roof makes an electric car up to 97% cheaper to run than a petrol car. Access to affordable electric vehicles, combined with more uptake of solar panels, is a key solution to our cost of living crisis,” said Solar Citizens National Director Heidi Lee Douglas.

“But right now we aren't getting the range of affordable electric vehicles into Australia because we don't have strong Fuel Efficiency Standards – basically the carrot and stick that would drive car manufacturers to bring EVs to our shores. Instead, we are the global dumping ground for inefficient petrol cars. And right now, a ute or 4WD costs $200 plus to fill up in diesel. That’s hurting tradies, and that’s what's really killing the weekend.

Bill, a Samford local was inspired by the event but frustrated at the lack of electric utes available in the country compared to overseas. 

“I’m trying to do the right thing as a tradesman, I drive a ute and pull a trailer. I would love to get a ute that’s electric… If there [were] one available I’d be looking at it, that’s for sure. To politicians, I would say [they’re] out there, it’s proven, they’re working. Just bring them to our country so we can use them.”

Solar Citizens will continue campaigning for strong Fuel Efficiency Standards to get Australia in line with our trading partners, securing access to a diversity of EVs already available overseas, including electric utes.

“When Fuel Efficiency Standards are debated in parliament next year, we will have a huge chance to correct the global imbalance,” said, Douglas.

“That’s why we wanted to bring the good news to Dutton’s community, to unite all sides of politics behind these common-sense policies that will help our hip pocket, and reduce carbon emissions as an added bonus.

“The fact you can also cook a BBQ or run your tools off models of EVs with vehicle-to-load capacity is an added bonus we wanted to demonstrate first-hand here today. And really give people a taste of the good life – pun intended.”


Photos from the event will be available in this folder by 8:00am Monday morning 28th November.

Media contact: Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director (0401 092 570)