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What's your solar vision for SA?

The SA government is holding a public consultation around its new climate change strategy and wants to hear from you about your vision for a sun-powered state.

With more than 185,000 homes in the state already powered by the sun, we know that South Australians love their solar and the state is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, but we could do so much more. South Australia is ideally placed to set an example for the rest of the country by becoming a world leader in solar and renewable energy investment and jobs. The climate change strategy specifically aims to consider renewable energy so it's a great opportunity to set a high bar for the future of solar in SA.

Many of you will be aware of the community campaign that's been running for several years to replace the two coal fired power stations in Port Augusta with Australia's first solar thermal plant. This consultation is an opportunity to get large-scale solar thermal in Port Augusta finally happening!

We know that our politicians will only create and stick to the ambitious policies that we need if they have people in local communities engaged in what's happening and pushing them to do more. So let's flood this government consultation with submissions in support of an ambitious agenda for a sun-powered SA - make your submission today.

Make a submission today by filling out the below form before October 18. We will collect all these submissions and then submit them together in one giant pile.

You can read more about the SA government's climate change strategy and consultation process here.


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