SA and Federal Governments’ power credibility relies on Aurora power station - Solar Citizens

SA and Federal Governments’ power credibility relies on Aurora power station

Friday, 5 April: Solar Citizens National Director Joseph Scales today said that with no future plans for coal fired power projects in South Australia, the State Government had to make sure the Aurora Solar Thermal Power Station succeeds.

“The Government can either fix this problem and get on the solar bus or watch power prices go through the roof on their watch,” said Mr Scales.

“The State and Federal Governments can’t wipe their hands of this, their credibility on power prices is attached to this project – it is simply too big to fail.

“Large scale solar generators like this one are absolutely central to the inevitable transition to provide firm renewable energy.

“This project is a beacon of light for Port Augusta and the whole community because it shows what is possible when people are proactive about the current energy sector transition.

“It gives a community which has relied on coal for generations a new and exciting future, beyond the traditional industries of the town, but aligned so that the jobs can go to the people that need them.”

His comments followed the announcement by the first-choice developer of the project to withdraw – a devastating blow to the local community and the whole state.

“The impact on Port Augusta will be huge but this project is bigger than Port Augusta – it’s about getting together to generate the kind of investments South Australia needs for the future in terms of jobs, innovation and electricity prices.”

The Port Augusta project promises to deliver 650 construction jobs and 50 permanent jobs once completed, as well as work flowing to local businesses.

“This project developer was only one of a number of interested parties, so there are others out there and that should be the starting place for an alternative developer.

“We’re calling for the State Government to immediately release an expression of interest to the market to identify alternative project proponents.

“Port Augusta and South Australians need the State and Federal Governments to act – this project is simply too important to South Australia’s energy future to fail.”

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