Help Queensland Solar Citizens get to Canberra

Help QLD Solar Citizens get to Canberra

On Monday December 1, our team of 20 Solar Citizens volunteers from all over Australia will be heading to Parliament House to meet with decision makers and to step up our campaign to protect the Renewable Energy Target. It's the first day of summer and the first day of the final Parliamentary sitting week for the year - a critical moment to show our MPs what real community support for solar looks like.

Can you chip in to help QLD Solar Citizens volunteers get to Canberra?

Your contribution will go towards covering volunteers' travel and accommodation expenses and our team will know that you and so many solar supporters from all over country are right behind them! 

Meet the QLD volunteers

Alycia Terry

Hi, I'm Alycia. I'm proud to be one of thousands of Australians employed by the solar and renewable energy industries! I've worked for a locally-owned Brisbane-based solar installer for over two years. It’s so exciting to see the global growth of these industries and the strengthening transition to a clean energy future.

I've been very lucky to live in many places around Australia and recently travel to Canada and Alaska. From rainforests, red deserts, glaciers and polar bears - it is vital we protect the overwhelming beauty and diversity of our natural environment. Solar and renewables are a big part of the solution and my passion is inspired by a sustainable future for all species on our precious and remarkable planet.

I love working with other Solar Citizens volunteers to help build support for solar and clean energy both within the community and the halls of parliament!

Hello, I'm Terry and I live at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. My wife and I moved here in 2007. We found our electricity bills going up each year with little hope of stabilising. In 2011 we invested a fair bit of money in a rooftop solar panel system. We’ve been very happy with every electricity account since then.

I want to go to Canberra with Solar Citizens and talk with decision makers. I want to know if they have a vision of the massive benefits of solar for the economy and the planet.

My questions are simple: Do you want Australians to have clean cheap electricity? What is your plan to move into the future of electricity generation?

I joined Solar Citizens so I could help Australians cut their power bills and take control of their energy generation through clean cheap solar.

Help me get there!

Rhonda Janet

Hi, I'm Rhonda. I have worked in solar for the last 14 years and joined Solar Citizens a few months ago. In that time I have been actively polling in the community, and writing to and attending meetings with politicians. I attended a Solar Citizens meeting with Glenn Lazaraus (Palmer United senator) and other Queensland members and also arranged a meeting with my local politician Luke Howarth (that's me in the blue shirt above with Mr Howarth).

I have also done two speeches, the first in the Petrie Save Solar forum and also at the National Rally for Renewables event in Strathpine.

I am very concerned about any changes to the Renewable Energy Target and how this will effect my career in the renewable energy sector now and possibly in the future.

My twitter account name is @Ronniewrecker94 if you'd like to follow me and I'm on Facebook here.

Hi, I'm Janet and I'm passionate about solar! I live on the Sunshine Coast, where there's lots of rooftop solar - but there's potential for so much more. Lots of people I meet want to see a solar future for this region - and for Australia. That's why I set up the Sunshine Coast Solar Citizens last year. 

In December I'll be going to Canberra, with other Solar Citizens, to gain skills and knowledge that will help me continue to build the Solar Citizens movement in Queensland. Together we can make our voices heard. 

Will you donate and support me? Let's create a solar future together!

Hi, I'm Dominique.

Back in 2000, I bought a very old house and started renovating.

I installed a new electric hot water system, then the Government gave a rebate to install Solar Hot Water so to be a good citizen to the earth I did.

I am divorced and a sole parent looking after two young children, my youngest started prep this year. Like many of us, I would love solar panels but I need help with that kind of investment.

Coal fired electricity plants make no sense when there is so much amazing science and technology available right now.

I am an advocate and an activist at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit ready to share connect, collaborate and innovate to create magic.



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