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Renewables not coal will deliver cheap, clean energy

The Queensland LNP should back renewable energy, not an expensive polluting new coal power station, if the Party really wants to drive down energy prices, says community group Solar Citizens.

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls today announced plans that he claims will reduce power prices, including scrapping Queensland’s 50% renewable energy target.

“The Queensland LNP is misleading Queenslanders by claiming that renewable energy will drive up power prices, while hiding the real cost of its proposed new coal power plant” said Solar Citizens Queensland Campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

“The LNP’s promise to build a new coal fired power station is simply not viable without major government subsidies.”

“It’s time Tim Nicholls came clean on how much this polluting new power plant will cost Queensland taxpayers”.

“If Mr Nicholls really wants to help families with high power bills, he should help more Queenslanders go solar, and harvest free energy from the sun” said Ms Matthiesson.

“500,000 plus Queensland households can’t be wrong - rooftop solar is the only guaranteed way to lower your power bill.

“All Queenslanders deserve cheap, clean, reliable electricity and renewable energy can deliver on all three fronts.”

Imaginary cost savings won’t cut bills

According to media reports, LNP Leader Tim Nicholls claims that after 2020 his government would save consumers $200 a year by “getting rid of the renewable energy target” [1].

This estimate appears to rely on an outdated and inaccurate analysis of a possible future federal Emissions Intensity Scheme, that assumes a carbon price of $69 in 2020 [2].

“Mr Nicholls seems to be promising to cut non-existent subsidies and deliver imaginary power price cuts” said Ms Matthiesson.

“Instead of scapegoating renewable energy, Mr Nicholls needs to develop a solid plan to transition Queensland’s electricity system to 100% clean, affordable renewable energy” she concluded.


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[2] AAP report Oct 24 2017