R4R - Solar Citizens

National Rally for Renewables, midday Friday September 26


The very future of solar and renewables in Australia is at risk as the government tries to take away our right to take control of our energy bills.

The Renewable Energy Target, a hugely successful policy which says that at least 20% of Australia’s energy should come from renewable sources by 2020, has helped over 1.3 million Australians go solar. But next week Cabinet ministers will decide the fate of the Target and all signs suggest they want it gone. This despite more than 80% of Australians being in favour of the Target.

Any cut to the target would be a severe blow to thousands of jobs and the ambitions of millions of Australians to go solar and take control of their power bills. The community backlash has been so strong that the government is starting to backtrack and hoping to make a compromise deal with Labor. If we act now we can make sure they back down completely and protect the Target in full.

That’s why at noon on Friday September 26 thousands of Australians will turn up to the national Rally for Renewables to tell their Federal MP to protect the Renewable Energy Target.

Will you join us? RSVP to take part in the national Rally for Renewables on Friday September 26?

The Rally for Renewables will be held in major centres across Australia, with flagship events at key Cabinet ministers’ electorate offices in each state - see the full list here.

By coming together on September 26, we can show our politicians the real impact on Australian households, families, jobs and small and large businesses that any cuts to the Target will have in local communities across Australia.

Will you attend the Rally for Renewables at your local MP’s office on Friday September 26 in a national show of strength for renewables and the Renewable Energy Target?

The Renewable Energy Target has been a hugely successful bipartisan policy since it was introduced by the Howard government in 2001.

Cutting or axing the Target will make it harder for people to go solar and take control of their power bills, with the cost of installing solar to skyrocket by 30-50% if the Target is cut.

For workers, any cut to the Target will mean thousands of jobs are lost, and at least another 18,000 jobs won’t be created to 2020. Hundreds of businesses, large and small, will be forced to close their doors. Is this what you want for Australia?

This is our chance to ensure a strong future for solar and renewables. By coming together on September 26, we can show our politicians that Australians overwhelmingly want the Renewable Energy Target protected and a strong solar future.