Queensland's choice - Solar Citizens

Queensland's choice: a clean energy future or expensive, polluting coal-fired power?

Let’s put renewables first says community group Solar Citizens. 

“Voters in the sunshine state are set to make a crucial choice - to take Queensland into a clean energy future, or get stuck in the past with expensive, polluting coal-fired power,” said Louise Matthiesson, Queensland Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Queenslanders lead the world when it comes to rooftop solar, with over 35% of houses harvesting clean power from the sun, now it’s time for all political parties to follow their lead.

“The sunshine state is in the middle of a big-solar boom, with 20 large solar and wind farms being built this year.

“Renewable energy is already creating thousands of construction jobs, bringing investment to regional Queensland, and will provide long-term sustainable employment for hundreds of workers.

“A new coal-fired power station would put our state’s renewable future under threat, cost billions of dollars in taxpayer money and saddle Queenslanders with higher power bills for decades to come.

This election, Solar Citizens volunteers will be out in communities across the state rallying public support to convince all political parties to commit to three key policies to provide reliable, affordable, clean energy for all Queenslanders:

1. Set a strong renewable energy target

Legislate a renewable energy target to ensure that, by 2030, at least 50% of the electricity generated in Queensland comes from solar, wind and other renewables.

2. Build big solar - not new coal

Renewable energy is now the cheapest, cleanest source of electricity. The next state government should support new large-scale solar and wind farms and rule out an expensive, polluting new coal fired power station.

3. Help more Queenslanders go solar

To meet the target of one million solar rooftops by 2020, the next Queensland government must  guarantee a fair price for the electricity that solar households feed into the grid and remove the roadblocks for low-income earners, businesses and communities who want to go solar.

“All Queenslanders deserve cheap, clean, reliable electricity and renewable energy can deliver on all three fronts - it’s a win, win, win situation,” said Ms Matthiesson.

For comment contact: Louise Matthiesson Queensland Campaigner, Solar Citizens    ph. 0406 041 428