Queenslanders face bill shock as electricity fixed prices surge - Solar Citizens

Queenslanders face bill shock as electricity fixed prices surge

Households across Queensland are in shock as they open their latest electricity bills and find out they have been slugged up to $428 for ‘fixed’ electricity network charges, according to Solar Citizens.

The Queensland Competition Authority raised fixed electricity network charges by more than 20 per cent from July 1.

Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke said it was a joke that the average household could now pay up to $428 per year, regardless of how much power they use.

“We’re being contacted by solar homeowners from across Queensland who are outraged that their electricity network costs have escalated, whether they use any network power or not,” she said.

“The increase in charges reflects poor planning from the network providers and suggests a cash grab for profits, with consumers left carrying the cost.

“The new Queensland government committed to more solar power with an election promise to "target one million solar rooftops”.

“It's hard to see how they will meet this target when fixed charges like this one discourage sensible energy usage and removes the incentive for people to go solar or upgrade their energy efficiency.

“More and more households are no longer content to just take the deal offered by the big power companies - people want to generate their own clean energy with solar and enjoy the cost savings on their power bills.

“All homeowners deserve to be treated fairly. The Queensland Government should work to reverse these unfair network price hikes and never allow it to happen again,” said Ms O’Rourke.

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