Queensland seeks to shift from its place as a laggard on renewable energy - Solar Citizens

Queensland seeks to shift from its place as a laggard on renewable energy

Queensland, the Australian state with the lowest uptake of renewable energy in the country, has today announced significant changes to put it on the path to a renewable energy future.

“Today we have seen the first real policy response arising from the Queensland Renewable Energy Expert Panel's report and while we’re still working through the detail there are some welcome signals in relation to supporting solar energy,” said Shani Tager, Senior Solar Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Solar Citizens have been campaigning for some time for governments to have a plan for our energy future, so we can hit 100% clean, renewable energy as soon and as cheaply as possible.

“There is no such plan Federally so we recognise the fact that the Queensland Government is actually enacting a ‘Queensland Power Plan’ - we hope the Federal Government might see the sunlight and do its bit now, but given recent efforts of our leaders it is hard to see they will see the light.

“And isn't it ironic - don't you think? Queensland has only 5% large scale renewable energy in their state grid but Queenslanders are leading the nation with over 500,000 households with rooftop solar, all of whom are voters, solar citizens, solar voters,” she said.

“That’s a constituency they ignore at their peril.

“A 400MW reverse auction and a feasibility study for a state owned clean power company are positive moves.

“As in other states and places like India, reverse auctions are a proven way of getting large renewable energy and small scale systems deployed and built,” Tager said. “But with the industry already building twice that amount in the state, the Government needs to lift their ambition.”

“But we know 50% renewable energy won't cut it, it’s 100% we have to reach, and fast.

“We need short term targets and more detail for what will happen post-2020 to provide certainty for investors and consumers to ensure that Sunshine State cannot just urgently catch up but lead, as they should,” Tager said.

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