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Queensland Powers Up Renewables in New Energy Plan

28 September 2022: Queensland Powers Up Renewables in New Energy Plan

Solar Citizens today welcomes the release of Queensland’s 10-Year Energy Plan and the State’s increased renewable energy target of 70 per cent by 2032. The Government estimates that household retail bills will be $150 lower in 2032 than they otherwise would have been due to today's announcements.

“Queensland’s new Energy Plan is a significant step forward for the Sunshine State that will help unlock abundant, cheap renewable energy to bring down power bills and make it competitive for new clean manufacturing industries to set up shop in Queensland,” said Stephanie Gray, Deputy Director of Solar Citizens.

“A stronger renewable energy target and the planned repowering of the State’s coal-fired power stations to clean energy hubs by 2035 is great news for transitioning communities and our environment.  

“Our existing coal-fired power stations have strong grid connections so it’s clever to turn them into renewable energy hubs to save on infrastructure costs. It’s also great news for local communities that jobs will be replaced onsite.

“The Queensland Government’s ongoing commitment to maintaining majority public ownership of our electricity generation, and the additional $2.5 billion announced today for building new publicly-owned renewable plants, means that we can transform our energy system in a planned way that stimulates jobs in communities that need it.”

The Energy Plan also includes two massive pumped hydro infrastructure projects; the Borumba Dam project and the Pioneer-Burdekin project.

“We’re going to need a significant amount of storage to repower Queensland’s energy system, so it’s good that the Queensland Government is planning ahead and investing in these projects now as they take several years to build,” said Ms Gray.

“Pumped hydro is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to powering the State with 100% clean energy, but like all projects we need to make sure that the sites selected are the least impactful to the environment and our waterways.”

What’s in the plan:

  • Coal out of Queensland’s energy mix by 2037 and all publicly owned coal-fired power stations operating as clean energy hubs by 2035.

  • The State Government has announced an additional $4 billion in funding, including:

    • $2.5 billion to build publicly-owned renewable energy, adding to the existing $2 billion Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs fund; 

    • $270 million to progress two pumped hydro projects (the Borumba Dam and Pioneer-Burdekin pumped hydro projects);

    • $285 million to start building the SuperGrid;

    • Powerlink will invest $365 million for grid upgrades in Central Queensland; 

    • $200 million Regional Economic Futures Fund;

    • $150 million Job Security Guarantee to support workers in publicly owned coal-fired power stations;

    • $20 million to supercharge Queensland’s renewable hydrogen hubs;

    • $4 million to advance the bioenergy sector;

    • $42 million for integrating electric vehicles;

    • $35 million for a business savings and transformation program;

    • $11.6 million to grow local supply chains and support manufacturers;

    • $90 million to establish two new regional transmission and training hubs;

    • $10 million Queensland Microgrid Pilot Fund.

  • New projects that will be funded under the Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs fund include:

    • The Tarong West wind farm;

    • The Banana Range wind farm;

    • A new 200 MW hydrogen peaking plant at Kogan Creek.

  • Queensland will be on a pathway to reach 60% renewables by 2030, and 70% by 2032.

  • Electricity emissions 90% lower than 2005 by 2035-36.

  • A new Queensland Energy System Advisory Board will be created to review the plan every two years from 2025.


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425 543 006