Prime Minister Backs Renewables While Talking Up Coal - Solar Citizens

Prime Minister Backs Renewables While Talking Up Coal

The Morrison Government’s announcement of $11 million for CopperString 2.0 has been welcomed today by community group Solar Citizens, as the proposed transmission project will mean cheap solar and wind energy can power new industry Queensland’s North West.

But the community group says the Prime Minister is misleading Queenslanders on the potential for new coal generation.

"It’s wonderful to see the Morrison Government investing in key infrastructure that will allow more solar and wind projects to come online and provide cheaper energy to Queensland’s industry,” said Solar Citizens Energy Strategist, Stephanie Gray.

"But while the government is backing cheap renewable energy for industry, the Prime Minister is still talking about a new coal generator that just doesn’t stack up.

"There’s a reason that no new coal fired power stations have been built in Australia in the last ten years. Solar and wind are the cheapest source of new electricity and that’s where investors are putting their money.

"Prime Minister Morrison is misleading regional Queenslanders if he says a new coal-fired station will be built in Collinsville. 

"New coal power is simply too expensive and doesn’t fit into the modern grid. Energy experts will tell you it's a fairytale.

"Queensland’s coal station workers have played a vital role in powering Queensland and the nation. It’s time for the federal government to be honest and have a real conversation with the community, so that transitioning workers have certainty and can make the most of the exciting clean energy opportunities that are knocking on Queensland’s door.

"Our latest report found that if governments took credible action on climate change it could create an extra 22,000 job years in Queensland’s renewable energy sector by 2030."