People Power Lights Up WA: Solar Citizens Celebrate Solar Victory - Solar Citizens

People Power Lights Up WA: Solar Citizens Celebrate Solar Victory

Media Release

12 August 2013

The Barnett Government’s announcement to reverse its decision to slash the solar feed-in tariff is a victory for people power, and will be met by widespread celebration by solar owners throughout WA, Solar Citizens, a national organisation advocating for solar owners, says.

“The Barnett Government betrayed solar owners. And solar owners in WA are glad to hear that Barnett recognises he made the wrong decision,” Dr Geoff Evans, Campaign Manager for Solar Citizens, says.

“Solar owners in WA stood together and demanded that Barnett reverse this immense betrayal,” Dr Evans continues.

“Over 8,800 angry solar owners added their name to our petition, and hundreds of solar owners called their politicians, sent emails and were even talking about taking legal action.

“The WA Government made a commitment, and solar owners stood together to say that these are promises Premier Barnett can’t break.

“These are families that invested in solar because of Government incentives and a desire to do their part to lower their bills and help our environment.

“It was absurd to think that a Government program could be reneged on without any repercussions.

“Barnett, and all Australian Governments and political parties, should take this lesson: solar owners are not just lovers of solar power. They are voters who bite back when threatened by bad policy

“And, through Solar Citizens, they are able to mobilise and have their voices heard.

“But, the Barnett Government must know: Solar Citizens will not stop today. The Liberal Government made a huge mistake attempting to betray solar owners, and now we will make sure they support solar and renewable energy.

“We will continue to keep an eye on WA and ensure that the Barnett government doesn’t attempt to undermine the rights of solar owners in other ways or to hold back the energy of the future,” Dr Evans says.