Help Patrick Crichton get to Solar Supercharge!

Help me get to Solar Supercharge!

Can you chip in to get Patrick Crichton to Solar Supercharge?


patrick crichton

About Patrick

I am a member of Solar Citizens, the president of a local environmental group -the Hills Sustainability Group and the project manager of the above project as a member of the local Transition group's Renewable Energy Interest Group.

I am passionate about solar for Australians and I try to apply my enthusiasm to projects that will result in real outcomes for people that need it most. This ties in well with another interest I have in helping people with disabilities. I am presently on a NFP Community Services Board and I'm working through a proposal that will see a 5kW system installed on their roof. Then given a model that demonstrates the viability of the concept further developing the concept right across the community services NFP sector in WA. I am a retired academic with considerable experience on Boards and Committees, skills that are useful when setting up a professional business model, which we are presently doing.


Why I want to go to Solar Supercharge

I am presently leading a group that is passionate about establishing a financial vehicle to install solar onto the roof of every Community Service NFP in Western Australia. We have some exciting and unique plans To be able to attend the solar supercharge event would be very useful. We are presently establishing ourselves and we are putting together a business plan to get this going. If we are successful in WA it will be a model that will be applicable to the rest of Australia. Attendance at the Supercharge would be a fantastic opportunity to share our ideas.


Solar Supercharge is a three-day national action summit for clean energy, held on 13-15 February in Brisbane - Read more at donation you make will go towards helping cover my costs of getting to Solar Supercharge, with any leftover going towards scholarships for other people to attend.


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