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NSW Clean Energy Race Kicks Off

Solar Citizens has welcomed election commitments from the NSW Government and Opposition that support accelerated rollout of grid infrastructure, renewable energy and storage which create space for more ambitious announcements to come. 

“The announcements, from both major parties, are acknowledgement of the need for investment enabling more affordable renewable energy, but much more needs to be done to ensure the benefits reach those who need it most.” said Joel Pringle, National Consumer Advocate Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

Energy Minister Matt Kean, on behalf of the Government, has announced an $8 million trial to help households decarbonise, and $300 million for grid infrastructure and storage projects, including $23 million to address local grid constraints and support more solar and small-scale batteries.

Chris Minns, on behalf of the Opposition has announced a $1 billion energy security financing fund, with at least part of the fund’s remit to include community batteries.  

Solar Citizens is calling for:

  1. Interest free loans for clean energy update, based on a successful model provided by the ACT government.

  2. Incentives for landlords to install solar panels on rental properties alongside stronger standards to make rental homes energy efficient

  3. A network of solar panels and smart batteries, or Virtual Power Plants, to give social housing tenants access to cheap, clean energy 

“Household level renewable energy and storage stabilises the grid and drives down consumer prices, we’re still waiting to see a meaningful commitment to household renewable energy support. 

“The race is on. It’s promising that the major parties are acknowledging the need for greater renewable support for households, but hopefully we’ll see something of more substance as the election gets closer. 

“Increasing access to renewable energy is the obvious answer to the cost of living crisis. It helps us all today because it’s cheap, and it helps tomorrow because it moves us away from the pollution of coal fired power stations.

“The minor funding commitments and trials we’ve seen announced are a start, but unlikely to make a major difference in and of themselves. There’s nothing to assist renters and low income households getting the benefits from solar that other households enjoy. These are the households that will benefit most from the cost savings associated with solar panels and batteries. 

“We’re looking to both the Government and Opposition to back up these announcements with more substance.”

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Solar Citizens represents the millions of Australian households who are powering their lives with the sun, and the vast majority of Australians who support the transition to renewable energy and clean transport. 

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