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North Well-placed to Lead Emerging Hydrogen Industry

17 January 2022: North Well-placed to Lead Emerging Hydrogen Industry

New research released from Steven Percy from the Victorian Hydrogen Hub demonstrates how exceptionally well-placed Northern Queensland is to lead Australia’s emerging renewable hydrogen industry. 

The research finds that Northern Queensland is the cheapest location to produce hydrogen made from renewable energy because of the region’s world-class solar and wind resources.

“It’s pretty staggering that the federal government is still overlooking Townsville as a priority location for hydrogen hub funding when the evidence shows that the North is the cheapest place in the country to produce renewable hydrogen,” said Stephanie Gray, Energy Strategist at Solar Citizens.

The Federal Government has allocated $464 million to enable the rollout of hydrogen hubs across seven prospective regional sites, which include Bell Bay (TAS), Darwin (NT), Eyre Peninsula (SA), Gladstone (QLD), Latrobe Valley (VIC), Hunter Valley (NSW), and Pilbara (WA).

“There are already three major renewable hydrogen projects proposed for Townsville. Industry has recognised this region’s potential and now it’s time for the Morrison government to see it too.

“Queensland has been an exporter of energy for a long time and into the future we can continue to power the world by producing renewable hydrogen for export. Investing in new clean industries is how we create good, future-proof jobs for Queenslanders.

“But so far Queensland has largely missed out on federal funding for energy because, unlike States like New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania, an Energy and Emissions Reduction deal has not been announced for the Sunshine State.”


Release refers to the research presented in the Conversation.